Don't miss the chance to multiply your impact, thanks to gift matching opportunities from some of our most generous donors.

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Grace Mason Lundy Award Recipients
Donations from Grace Mason Lundy Award recipients will be matched up to $5,000. A huge thank you to Anne Marie Gavin, Delta Iota, Tufts University, Distinguished Past National Officer and National Constitution Chairman, for this generous match!
Theta, The Ohio State University
OH-IO!!! Donations from Theta sisters will be matched up to $1,000. Thank you to Jacqui Lyon, Theta, for this generous match!
Interested in creating a 2019 Challenge or Match?
Matching and challenge gifts played a huge role in the success of our first-ever Day of Giving in 2018. If you are interested in sponsoring a match or challenge in 2019 for our Founders Day Challenge, please email Alicia Favata:
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Consultants Past and Present
Field Rep? ELC? Colony Consultant? Whatever your title was, here is a challenge just for you! Donations from 75 consultants will unlock $10,000! This challenge is made possible thanks to the generosity of Kim Saari Johnston, Kappa, University of Washington, Past Educational Leadership Consultant and current Vice President of the Foundation.
75 Gift Goal
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